Here at Locandro, we are a team of Professionals.

The unique structure of our Group means that whilst we are specialists in our field, each team member is openly exposed to the issues and daily undertakings of each division. This ensures they understand the entire design, construction and management process.

Our property managers actually understand the defects process of a new building. This means they have the ability to negotiate with both builders and tenants as to who is responsible for what; therefore protecting your investment!

Our construction managers are actively involved in the settlement and ongoing management of our buildings. Therefore they are acutely aware of the details and concerns of buyers.

The sales team are openly exposed to the construction methods, processes & techniques involved in bringing a floor plan to life. Therefore they can sell with confidence and the knowledge of the systems required to ensure a construction timeline, budget and design is met.

All in all, ALL of our staff are actively involved in a group weekly meeting. This means that each member is continuously aware of what is happening within each division of our entire group; the entire market, the process of all projects, construction issues, buyer’s demands, rental problems, and any market updates.

Through the use of lateral problem thinking Locandro Group will ensure that the process and development of a project is catered in its entirety. No single company does what we do. Whilst others may consult, manage and advise. WE DO.

“Lateral thinking is defined as: methods of thinking concerned with changing concepts and perceptions. It is about reasoning that is not immediately obvious, and about ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step by step logic”

Edward de Bono 1967

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